Most M S patients can benefit from massage therapy. It can help with stress reduction, flexibility, spasticity and of course reduction of levels of pain. Limited tests have shown that M S patients having massage therapy can cope better, have a higher level of self esteem and an enhanced range of movement. Massage can also improve circulation, which may help prevent edema

IN ORDER TO HELP sufferers, YouTime Therapy is offering a range of treatments (including Aromatherapy, Shiatsu and Hot Bamboo treatment), designed around individual clients needs. This treatment will be offered at a greatly reduced cost.

WHO CARES for the carer. 

Carers are selfless volunteers or family members who tirelessly try to improve the quality of life for M S sufferers. In recognition of this, I am offering any carer who accompanies a patient, a 15 to 20 minute relaxation massage free of charge.

Should the carer require a full relaxation massage, a separate appointment can be arranged at a reduced rate

MORE information can be obtained by texting 07525 126700 leaving your name and contact number. I WILL contact you.

Phone or text for appointment 07525 126700 (bring a friend or relative as chaperone if you wish)